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Our Christian Worship Service

The typical length of time for our church service is one and a half hours. At the moment we have only one worship service, every Sunday morning at 10:00 am. It's a good idea to check our quarterly schedule as some Sunday’s services are replaced by other church events.

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How our Worship Service is Structured

1 ǀ  Welcome Message: any person, member or non-member of our church, is welcome to attend the service no matter their personal condition.

2 ǀ  Praise and Worship: Our services begin with a time of praise and singing worship songs to our Lord.

3 ǀ  Offering: Our services include a time during the worship when worshipers can give an offering.

4 ǀ  Communion: Our church observes Communion almost every Sunday, that reminds us when Jesus Christ made his perfect sacrifice for us.

5 ǀ  Announcements: this is the time where the following events of our church are announced and when we inform the upcoming birthdays of all our members.

6 ǀ  Prayer for Needs: Our church likes to offer an opportunity for people to receive prayer for their specific needs. After this time children are invited to participate in the Dominican school.

7 ǀ  The Message: The purpose of the message is to give instruction in the Word of God with the goal of making it applicable to worshipers in their daily lives.

8 ǀ  Closing of the Worship Service: Our church services end with a prayer and a brief closing message.

Beyond these guidelines, we believe that our services must be based on spontaneity and simplicity of the heart. We therefore ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in everything according to His will.                 +39 340 757 7182




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